Mobile Strike Is The New Strategy Game With Lot Of Busy Work

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Most of the players that are playing the Mobil Strike are increasingly finding it similar to another same strategy game called Game of War.  To start with this game includes everything that a player will expect from a modern day mobile strategy game. It includes troop management, base building and war between opponents. You will be able to level up and customize your hero with various armors found on the map through equipment and commander crafting system. You will also experience an in-game translation system that will allow players from all across the world to communicate with one another. It is another striking similarity with Game of War.

There are some significant features of this game that players need to understand. Otherwise, they will fall trap to enemies. You will have to construct a huge base in Mobile Strike. There will be lots of activities like building, upgrading and defending structures. This will help you progress in ranking board of this game. You will also have to customize your commander. The talent points you will get will help you fortify your military base. The materials you will find from crates are useful in crafting several of weapons and armors. It will help your commander to boost their status in game.


Several types of activities are jumbled together in Mobile Strike that might get confusing for a player when starting with the game. Here are few points to understand, The step in the game is to build your base. You will be given a tutorial for constructing some of integral buildings that are required to start playing the game. In your home base, you will have to recruit as well as train troops, use mobile strike hack tool, which makes automation in some processes of the game. You will also get a chance to do your research and heal your troops in your base camp. You will also be safe for the first twenty-four hours of starting the game. You will have a peace shield that will protect you from any attack.

Just like any other game, Mobile Strike too has resources that have enormous contribution in making you winning or losing the game. There are commonly five resources in the game like oil, food, stone, iron and silver. You will need them for researching new technologies, upgrading buildings and also to get better weapons and troops. You will collect resources by building proper resource gathering building and also leveling up as you continue with the game. Ensure that you have enough buildings to store all your resources otherwise you might lose them.

Mobile Strike is a multiplayer game. This means that you can play it with other people as well. Though, you will first start this as a loner but, will soon find alliance is where your best interest lies. You can make alliance with players that will fight with you like a team. Here you have the option to join an existing one or build your new troop.

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