Despite a global recession, the cannabis seed trade shows no indication of slowing down. Some experts are claiming it could be part iof the solution of global economic recovery. And it is also beneficial for pain relief. Indeed it’s no secret that the marijuana growing industry forms the economic backbone of many west coast communities in British Columbia.

  Why is the cannabis seed trade booming?

The recession is showing no effect

The international buying and selling of cannabis seeds has grown in the past 6 years. There are a number of reasons contributing to this growth.

A major factor fueling the development of the cannabis seed business is the fact that in the majority of states cannabis seeds are not illegal to own or to sell. The planting of marijuana continues to be against the law in many states but not the seeds.

Additionally the mindset concerning pot have relaxed recently. This can be understood by the fact that most people now in control of society were part of the generation that was involved in pot recreational use. More to the point, most law makers have used pot in their youth and have concluded it isn’t the dangerous substance that their parents used to associate it with.

Another factor is that cannabis seeds are available to be bought by computer where highly sought after marijuana strains such as Lowryder can be selected. Most folk are now more comfortable with looking for products and services and ordering them over the web. This is as relevant for cannabis seeds as any other available product. At last we don’t need to make contact with your neighborhood trafficker and execute dodgy transactions in back streets.

Also expanding the trade in cannabis seeds is its increased use as a treatment. Marijuana is now often prescribed for patients of chemotherapy and chronic pain suffers. The utilization of marijuana as medical treatment has in some respects legitimized its use as a party drug. Numerous people may request [] seeds to grow medicinal marijuana whereas other people may grow [] with broader uses in mind.

Another reason promoting the expanded business in cannabis seeds is the heightened concern about green living and D.I.Y.. More people want to be more self-sufficient and have more control concerning the food they eat and other things they ingest – for instance pot. This occurrence has given rise to a increase of famous strains such as White Widow and Light of Jah by specialist scientists (e.g. Sensi Seeds) usually from Holland – because it’s permitted to farm or buy and sell marijuana there.

These factors combined is resulting in the multinational multimillion dollar business in cannabis seeds estimated to enjoy a exchange around 500 million USD every year. There is no signal of a deceleration of the business in cannabis seeds on the Internet and it is generally expected to increase in the coming future.


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