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Raising Voices To Build The Future Of Our Dreams. 


Understanding The Power Of Democracy By Evaluating Our Rights With The Main Aim Of Witnessing Change That Comes Along With Development And Growth. 

Political Representation

Learning The Very Basics Of Political Representation By Incorporating a Valid Understanding Of All That Can Help Us Move Ahead Into a Future With Hope.

Education & Healthcare

Developing The Very Extent Of Our Reach With Credible Initiatives And Programs That Come With Unique Benefits Centred Around Education And Healthcare.


Strike Action

  • Employee Grievances
  • Industrial Revolution
  • Refusal Of Employees To Work

Strike Preparation

As Unity Is The Only Aspect That Drives Us Forward, We Need To Come Together And Follow The Necessary Steps Of Preparation That Can Lead Us Forward With a Proper Strike. With Services That Are Well Equipped To Handle Everything, Coming Ahead To Stand With Us Tends To Be The Need Of The Hour.

Connecting Tomorrow

Concept of General Strike

Helping The Community Gain Better Aspects Of Life Through The Simple Task Of Raising Voices And Standing For What Is Right. 

Leading The Strike On a National Scale Through The Incorporation Of Individual Steps And Methods That Have Always Been By Our Side. 

Publishing The Concerns Of Employees With The Primary Outcome Of Helping Them Get All That Is Needed To Be Happy And Satisfied. 

Anti Strike Action


Implementing Effective Steps That Bring Forward a Common Ground Without The Need To Go Ahead With Anti-Strike Actions. 


Preventing The Occurrence Of Acts That Are Known To Drive Away The Basic Spirit Of a Strike By Promoting The Need For Unity. 


Avoiding Essential Problems And Issues That Tend To Destroy The Essence Of a Strike Through Means That Strike a Difference. 

Latest Updates

Caring for Your Teeth

Caring for Your Teeth

The first thing you need to do is commit to regular dental visits and following your dentist’s advice. If you don’t like your dentist, find another one. Ask your friends who they see and compare ratings online. This is really important. You cannot fix a cavity yourself. Dentists also look for oral cancers while they are “in there” which is becoming more and more of a problem.  You should choose byte for your smile and for healthy teeths. Luckily, most oral cancers can be caught and fixed early, but that won’t happen without your dentist.

Next, is your own hygiene habits… you have to make a commitment to set aside the time, to care enough and to succumb to the drudgery of the task. It is important! Living with pain is something none of us want to do. Isn’t it great to know that it is preventable?

The toothpaste: The are an overwhelming array of types of toothpaste out there. The differences are slight. ANY flouride toothpaste approved by the ADA (American Dental Association) is fine. Gels, pastes, sparkles, baking soda.. don’t get sucked in to buying anything fancy. The plain stuff works just great. If you have sensitive teeth, the special toothpastes for that purpose DO seem to make a difference, however.

Mouthwashes: I have been rinsing with hydrogen pyroxide before brushing and then using a “restoring” rinse after brushing. This should be done twice a day, if you follow the recommendations on the label of the mouthwash bottle. Listerine (or store brand knock off) does well to kill the germs in places that you don’t brush, like the roof of your mouth or insides of your cheeks.

Flossing: Flossing is an absolute must and this is where most people get lazy, I think. Gum Disease is a horrible thing. You can prevent it by flossing, even just once a day. If you don’t floss, plaque remains along the gum line and between teeth, almost as if you didn’t even brush. Its like cleaning the bathroom, but not cleaning the toilet. Complete the job and just do it. The benefits are well worth it.

Other: You also may want to try a Waterpik. I have one, but don’t use it every day. My dentist thinks they are a good thing and I really should be using it more. They are easy to use. The first few times you try it, you might end up spraying more water around than is ideal, but hey, it just gives you an excuse to clean off your sink top which probably needs to be done anyway.

All of these steps amount to about 15-20 minutes in the morning and at night to help ensure a lifetime with your teeth. In addition, you should spend about 2 hours per year with the dentist (a visit once every six months). You’ll be glad you did.

Dental work: If you are embarrassed by your teeth, there are things you can do. Veneers have helped a lot of people feel more confident about their smile. Keep in mind, these are not indestructible and your REAL teeth are still exposed on the back and of course your gums still need to be maintained, so you still need to brush, floss and all that stuff even with veneers. I have veneers myself on a few of my front teeth. This was a good option for me because I had a slight overlapping problem and this was a much cheaper alternative to having braces as an adult. Whitening is a popular procedure that your dentist can help with. This is becoming more and more convenient with quicker and easier methods being perfected all the time. I would recommend allowing your dentist to handle this rather than getting something over the counter.

You must also pay attention to what you put in your mouth as far as your diet is concerned. Of course you know that sugary foods cause the bacteria in your mouth to have a field day eating your teeth. Try to limit sugary foods or at least brush your teeth after eating them. Coffee and tea can stain your teeth and cause them to be darker than you’d like. You can still drink coffee and tea, but try to brush, rinse or chew a sugar free gum afterward to help reduce the staining.

Cannabis Seed Trade

Cannabis Seed Trade

Despite a global recession, the cannabis seed trade shows no indication of slowing down. Some experts are claiming it could be part iof the solution of global economic recovery. And it is also beneficial for pain relief. Indeed it’s no secret that the marijuana growing industry forms the economic backbone of many west coast communities in British Columbia.

  Why is the cannabis seed trade booming?

The recession is showing no effect

The international buying and selling of cannabis seeds has grown in the past 6 years. There are a number of reasons contributing to this growth.

A major factor fueling the development of the cannabis seed business is the fact that in the majority of states cannabis seeds are not illegal to own or to sell. The planting of marijuana continues to be against the law in many states but not the seeds.

Additionally the mindset concerning pot have relaxed recently. This can be understood by the fact that most people now in control of society were part of the generation that was involved in pot recreational use. More to the point, most law makers have used pot in their youth and have concluded it isn’t the dangerous substance that their parents used to associate it with.

Another factor is that cannabis seeds are available to be bought by computer where highly sought after marijuana strains such as Lowryder can be selected. Most folk are now more comfortable with looking for products and services and ordering them over the web. This is as relevant for cannabis seeds as any other available product. At last we don’t need to make contact with your neighborhood trafficker and execute dodgy transactions in back streets.

Also expanding the trade in cannabis seeds is its increased use as a treatment. Marijuana is now often prescribed for patients of chemotherapy and chronic pain suffers. The utilization of marijuana as medical treatment has in some respects legitimized its use as a party drug. Numerous people may request [] seeds to grow medicinal marijuana whereas other people may grow [] with broader uses in mind.

Another reason promoting the expanded business in cannabis seeds is the heightened concern about green living and D.I.Y.. More people want to be more self-sufficient and have more control concerning the food they eat and other things they ingest – for instance pot. This occurrence has given rise to a increase of famous strains such as White Widow and Light of Jah by specialist scientists (e.g. Sensi Seeds) usually from Holland – because it’s permitted to farm or buy and sell marijuana there.

These factors combined is resulting in the multinational multimillion dollar business in cannabis seeds estimated to enjoy a exchange around 500 million USD every year. There is no signal of a deceleration of the business in cannabis seeds on the Internet and it is generally expected to increase in the coming future.

Everything you need to know about general strikes


If you were, to sum up, the current world in one word, it would be a strike. From the United States to Hong-Kong, strikes are everywhere. Strikes have been sued by workers to protest the poor working conditions, and various problems that they face in their working as well as daily lives. The prime example that we have is Hong-Kong where strikes and protests have going on for months.

What is a general strike?

A strike is the cessation of the work to force the management to fulfill certain demands. This pressurizes the management to at least conclude. It is a collective power that workers as a whole have against the bosses. Without workers, there can be no work in any kind of business establishment. The general strikes are undertaken by the Unions who are registered under the law, and protected. They can give a call for the general strike.

Strikes in the United States:

Strikes in the US can be undertaken by workers of a company to protest the working conditions as well as rise in the pay. It can happen in a single company, or within an entire industry. The participation of all of the workers is needed to make it a success, and this will disrupt the market. This works in the same way that a work stoppage helps to fulfill the demands.

Concept of general strikes

Concept of general strikes:

Strikes and worker protests have been going for a long time, but the idea of a general strike is new. It can be traced to the writing of the Rosa Luxembourg of 1906. The text was called The Mass Strike. This strike is not an act of one, but as a whole, and unified power. It can be of different forms. You can take the example of Frances nationwide protests, or the Seattle weeklong general strikes, but the purpose is the same. Some demands need to be fulfilled.

2020 US essential workers general strike:

This recent strike reefer to the strike of essential workers at Amazon, Insatcart, Walmart, and whole foods. The protests against the lack of safety precautions, lesser wages, and benefits. The strike was called on May 1, 2020, which correlated with the International Workers Day. This day is celebrated to acknowledge the organized labor. It was not a single strike, but a wave of strikes that happened during the Covid-19 pandemic. The unemployment rate has increased which is higher than the recession of 2008 (CDC). By the end of March 2020, all 50 states in the U.S. had confirmed cases and deaths and had initiated stay-at-home orders.


Strikes are important tools in the hands of workers. With proper corporation and coordination, it can be used to make the working environment safe, and increase the wages. It is powerful as a whole. Furthermore, strikes can be of many types, it can be across the whole industry or a single unit, but in both cases, the calls are given by the unions.